CTDI offers an attractive and comprehensive employee benefits package including the following offerings for our employees:

Health Coverage: Coverage includes medical, dental, vision, and prescription. Medical, vision, and prescription are provided through Independence Blue Cross.  Dental coverage is provided through United Concordia. Presently, CTDI pays approximately 80% of the monthly premium cost; the employee pays the remaining 20%. Employees may elect single coverage for themselves or family coverage to include their spouse and eligible dependents.

Voluntary Cancer/Critical Illness Coverage: Coverage to help you and your family cope with and recover from the financial stress of surviving a cancer/critical illness is available on a voluntary basis. The premium is fully paid by the employee at a reduced group rate.

Voluntary Accident Insurance:   Coverage that can help cover the unexpected costs related to accident expenses is available on a voluntary basis. The premium is fully paid by the employee at a reduced group rate.

Retirement Plan

  • 401(k) Profit Sharing: The company typically contributes a percentage of each eligible employee’s annual compensation (excluding bonuses) into the profit sharing plan.  This amount is deposited into the employee's 401(k) retirement account.
    • Employee Contribution:  Employees may contribute to the plan from their paycheck on a pre-tax basis, subject to certain IRS limitations.  CTDI will automatically withhold 5% of an employee's weekly pay for retirement, unless the employee makes an alternative salary deferral election.
    • Employer Match:  CTDI currently matches 10% of an employee's contribution up to the first 5% of his/her contribution to the plan.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance: CTDI provides life insurance for each eligible, full-time employee at the rate of one times the employee’s annual base salary, payable to his/her designated beneficiary.

Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance/ Voluntary Additional Death & Dismemberment Insurance:  Supplemental life insurance is available to employees on a voluntary basis.  Employees can purchase term life insurance for themselves, their spouse, and their children at group discount rates.

Short-Term Disability Insurance: If an employee is unable to work due to medical reasons, he/she will receive 60% of his/her regular base pay for up to 26 weeks.  Salaried employees receive continued base salary for two weeks plus one week for each year of completed service, with the remainder of 26 weeks at 60%.

Voluntary Long-Term Disability Insurance: Long –Term Disability coverage is available to employees on a voluntary basis.  The LTD premium is fully paid by the employee at a reduced group rate.

Tuition Reimbursement:  This benefit provides up to 100% of the cost of tuition, textbooks, registration, and lab fees.  Annual limits are $7,500 for undergraduate and $12,000 for graduate courses.  Reimbursement is based on the final grade earned.

Dependent Care Financial Assistance Plan: This plan enables an employee to pay for out-of-pocket, work-related dependent day care cost with pre-tax dollars.  Employees can contribute up to $5,000 annually; CTDI will also contribute 10% of the amount the employee elects to set aside.

Monthly Incentive Plan (MIP): A unique compensation bonus plan that provides cash rewards to employees when company profitability criteria are met.

Paid Vacation and Paid Sick/Personal Days

Paid Holidays (eight per calendar year)

Direct Deposit of weekly pay (available for up to three bank accounts)